Add slider instead of hero image on Showcase Pro theme

Slider on Showcase Pro Home Page
Slider on Showcase Pro Home Page

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I need to set a full width slider in the showcase pro theme. Could you tell me how to do that? I really appreciate your help!


Here I am sharing two methods. One method is for Genesis Responsive Slider plugin’s user and another is for Soliloquy slider plugin. Checkout the step-by-step procedure at below:

1. With Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

Step 1

Genesis Responsive Slider is a free plugin. Download it from WordPress Plugin’s repository and install/activate it on your site. After activating the plugin you will navigate to slider settings page (Genesis -> Slider Settings) and setup the slider as per your site requirement. I did following this for my demo site:

1. Type of Content: Post
2. Number of Slides to Show: 3
3. Maximum Slider Width (in pixels): 1900
4. Maximum Slider Height (in pixels): 600
5. Display Next / Previous Arrows in Slider?: Disabled
6. Do not link Slider image to Post/Page: Checked
7. Display Post/Page Title in Slider?: Checked
8. Display Post Content
9. Content limit: 220

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