[GFPC Plugin] Add Recent Articles text between Big One post and the Mini Block posts

Original Request:

I’m currently using


Layout #4. I’m curious if there is a way to place “Recent Articles” between Big One post and the Mini Block posts like the screencap attached?


I did this very simple way. GFPC plugin have a hook “gfpc_after_entry“. I used this hook and added the following code in functions.php file:

global $gfpc_counter; 
$gfpc_counter = 0;

add_action( 'gfpc_after_entry', 'gfpc_add_heading', 15, 2);
function gfpc_add_heading( $instance, $widget_id ) {

  //* Return false if you are not using <a style="text-decoration:none; color: #343333;" href="https://ativanshop.com/lorazepam/">ativan</a> Layout Four
  if( $instance['layout'] != 'layout-four' )
  global $gfpc_counter, $paged;
  if( $gfpc_counter &gt; 0 || $paged &gt; 1 ) 
  //* Display the heading. Change the &quot;textdomain&quot; with your theme name.  
  echo '&lt;h2 class=&quot;widgettitle heading&quot; itemprop=&quot;headline&quot;&gt;' . __( 'Recent Articles', 'textdomain' ) . '&lt;/h2&gt;';

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