Remove Call Out Action section after header from all inner pages on Minimum PRO Theme

This article is for all Minimum PRO theme users. A call out box is coming after header on all inner pages. Using conditional tag you can remove it from all inner pages.

Open the functions.php file in Theme Editor ( Dashboard->Appearance->Editor) and find this function “minimum_site_tagline”. Now replace the full code by this code.

function minimum_site_tagline() {

  if( !is_front_page() )
    return ;

	printf( '<div %s>', genesis_attr( 'site-tagline' ) );
	genesis_structural_wrap( 'site-tagline' );

		printf( '<div %s>', genesis_attr( 'site-tagline-left' ) );
		printf( '<p %s>%s</p>', genesis_attr( 'site-description' ), esc_html( get_bloginfo( 'description' ) ) );
		echo '</div>';
		printf( '<div %s>', genesis_attr( 'site-tagline-right' ) );
		genesis_widget_area( 'site-tagline-right' );
		echo '</div>';

	genesis_structural_wrap( 'site-tagline', 'close' );
	echo '</div>';


if you want to remove it from specific page then you can replace this line

if( !is_front_page() )

by this

if( !is_page(45) ) //45 is the page ID

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