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14 Discussion to This Post

  1. This code does not seem to be working for me. It displays the shortcode in brackets. Could this be because I am using the term “topics” instead of “categories”?

    • Can you share the full code via contact form? Your process was correct if you are using taxonomy.

  2. This is great! What dictates which categories are shown? In other words, if a post is assigned to 10 categories and we have the limit above set to ‘3’, how are the 3 displayed categories “selected” or chosen? Automatic based on order applied to the post? Alphabetical?



  3. This is great! I’m working on modifying it for custom taxonomies. Do you have any suggestions?

  4. This is great, thanks! I wonder, is there a way to *not* have a certain category show up? For instance, I have created one called Featured so I can have it on my front page, but I don’t want that shown, I’d rather just have the *real* categories show, i.e. books, authors.

    • This is also a great idea. I shall test it one. If possible then I shall modified the code and inform you.

        • Snippet is updated now. New parameter “exclude” is added in the shortcode atts array. You will pass the term ID(s) via exclude parameter like exclude=3 or exclude=3,4,10 etc.

          Hope that it will help you.


          • Is there something like this “exclude” switch that will work for breadcrumbs?

            • Did not understand your question. This shortcode is for post meta only.

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