Add slider instead of hero image on Showcase Pro theme

Slider on Showcase Pro Home Page
Slider on Showcase Pro Home Page

Original request was:


I need to set a full width slider in the showcase pro theme. Could you tell me how to do that? I really appreciate your help!


Here I am sharing two methods. One method is for Genesis Responsive Slider plugin’s user and another is for Soliloquy slider plugin. Checkout the step-by-step procedure at below:

1. With Genesis Responsive Slider Plugin

Step 1

Genesis Responsive Slider is a free plugin. Download it from WordPress Plugin’s repository and install/activate it on your site. After activating the plugin you will navigate to slider settings page (Genesis -> Slider Settings) and setup the slider as per your site requirement. I did following this for my demo site:

1. Type of Content: Post
2. Number of Slides to Show: 3
3. Maximum Slider Width (in pixels): 1900
4. Maximum Slider Height (in pixels): 600
5. Display Next / Previous Arrows in Slider?: Disabled
6. Do not link Slider image to Post/Page: Checked
7. Display Post/Page Title in Slider?: Checked
8. Display Post Content
9. Content limit: 220

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6 Discussion to This Post

  1. Timothy says

    Also, any pointers to get custom styles for text on the slides? For example, I can use any tags possible, and it never changes the way the text renders on the image itself

  2. Timothy says


    I used the code from this to add the genesis slider to my site, but running into trouble with the sizing. I’ve got it set to a height of 550, and the slider is fine, but the text below has way too much space between it and the bottom of the slider. In other (usually pretty strange) browser dimensions, it looks ok. What should I be messing with to fix this?

  3. Lani says

    Hi I don’t see what I’m supposed to replace in the front-page.php file. It looks different than what you have here. Help!

    • C. Paul says

      Are you using the latest version of Showcase Pro Theme?

      • Katherine says

        Did you get a response to your question? I am faced with the same problem and furthermore I find no fresh tutorials on this website newer than mid 2016, which is disturbing. I feel I have been mislead into paying a subscription for tutorials which are outdated.

        • C. Paul says

          Yeah. His issue is resolved. Can you share the site access details via contact form? I shall check it.

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