Adding multiple recipe index to foodie pro

Step 1: First installed Genesis Widget Generator Plugin


Step 2: Creating 2 new widget areas. One is Recipes Top 2 and another is Recipes Bottom 2.

Step 3: Setup this two new widget areas. Navigate to Appearance > Widgets and setup them


Step 4: Creating 2nd Recipe Index page and assigned those two new widget areas at this page.




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C. Paul

Creating Genesis Framework related themes, plugins, articles and troubleshooting the issues. Also I am doing the freelance work for clients.

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12 Discussion to This Post

  1. Seonkyoung says

    I purchased your plugin, activated and followed the instructions but it doesn’t display on the page. I sent you my wp-admin access through the contact page. Help!
    Thank you!

  2. Rachel says

    Hi, I purchased the plug-in and activated it, and followed the instructions, but when I nevigated to the widget area, I don’t see the new widgets I created. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong since I cant really see very clearly how to set up the widgets from this page. Is there another tutorial that walks me through it in a more detailed way?

  3. Rachael Yerkes says

    I purchased the widget and followed the instructions. I have been trying to get it to display properly, and the issue is the widgets are basically displaying above the page…so the page has the widgets (categories, etc.) showing up, then under that the blank page with page title, and my side bar. I keep trying to get it right, and it won’t display properly. Help?

    • C. Paul says

      Hi Rachael

      Thank you for purchasing my plugin. Can you share the wp-admin access and page link via contact form? I shall check it once.


  4. Blair says

    Hi! I just downloaded this to create another page similar to the recipe index and I have it set up, yet nothing is actually showing up on the page when I preview it. So I have created a new widget area and put the Foodie Pro-featured posts widget into the new widget area and added that widget area to my page, but the page is coming up as being blank.

  5. Amalia says

    Hi and thank you for your plugin, it’s been very helpful.
    I do have a question:
    I’ve been trying to recreate the same “recipes” page than the original one by Foodie pro and there’s just one thing that I can’t figure out. It’s for the search widget on top of the recipes grid.
    On the foodie pro the search block is set to be a 3d of the width: here’s the code they use in the stylesheet:
    .recipes-top .widget {
    float: left;
    margin-right: 1%;
    width: 32%;

    But it just won’t apply to the widget created with your plugin:
    Full width here.
    Do you know how I could fix that?
    Thank you!


    • Genesis Developer says

      You will add “recipes-top” CSS class into opening markup. Click on “Recipes Top 2 Widget Area” thumbnail and you can understand it.

      Also you will add “recipes-bottom” CSS class for bottom widget area.

  6. Lilly Shor says

    Hi there,

    I purchased your plugin and followed the instructions as above, however the 2nd recipe index is not displaying correctly. Do you have an email address I can reach you on to explain the problem and send you the details of my site?

    Thanks, Lilly.

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