Genesis Filter Everything Deluxe Combo

Introducing the Genesis Filter Everything Deluxe Combo (GFEDC) Plugin Pack

GFEDC is an easy to use customizable facet search style filtering plugin for Post types created specifically for the Genesis Framework/Themes. It is very simple, handy and lightweight plugin. You can filter your posts, recipes, listings, portfolio, gallery etc. content by Category or Taxonomy (where hierarchy is set to = true). It is not supporting the post tags or Custom Post Types ( CPT) taxonomies where hierarchical option is disabled.

Until now, it was difficult to build a faceted searches with such ease and customization capabilities. During this launch, we’re bundling the two plugins together for you as a combo pack. The first is the Easy Recipe Filter and second one is the flexible Genesis Simple Filter for all other post types.

Easy Recipe Filter (ERF) plugin is ideal for food blogger/recipe sites. It creates super cool filtering page for your recipes and acts as an index page. You can see the live preview here: Demo 1, Demo 2. I used Foodie Pro theme. But you can use this plugin on your custom Genesis child theme.

If you want to create a simple to use filtering system for your site content to engage your users and make it easy for them to find specific content then you’ll love using the Genesis Simple Filter (GSF) plugin is a good one. It accepts multiple CPTs, but having a Taxonomy is required, otherwise filtering is not possible. Enjoy the live previews to truly see the power of the plugins.

  1. Filter Real Estate Listings
  2. Filter Gallery ( demo site is using the cpt for gallery)
  3. Filter Posts by Category

Support is available through my Help Desk.
(Note: Please use the email address used for purchase to register for support.)

If you have any questions about GFEDC, please contact me.

Minimum Requirements:

  1. WordPress (latest version) – freely download it from website.
  2. Genesis Framework (latest version) – purchase directly from website.
  3. Any Genesis Child Theme
Caution: Easy Recipe Filter Plugin is not supporting the post tags or Custom Post Types ( CPT) taxonomies where hierarchical option is disabled (behaving like tags).


Buy a License:

* Renewals discounted at 30%
REFUND POLICY: The Personal License is offered with a 15 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with my product or service. That’s a bold statement…


I got lot of requests. Now I am selling the Genesis Simple Filter Plugin separately. Buy the plugin from here.

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