Genesis Widget Areas Generator Plugin

Genesis Widget Areas Generator generates as many widget areas as you need for any page/post/cpt/cpt archive page/specific category, tags, taxonomy archive page you want. Great tools for any non-technical users. Also there have unique class name so you can easily style them. There have some other plugins like Genesis Simple Sidebar, WooSidebar etc. But this plugin have extra things. It is supporting the Genesis Hook. Choosing the appropriate hook you can display the sidebar at any places. This plugin will work on Genesis Child Themes only.


  • Generate unlimited widget areas without write any extra PHP script in functions.php file
  • Make specific widget area(s) for whole site
  • Make specific widget area(s) for Home Page only
  • Make specific widget area(s) for all inner pages
  • Make specific widget area(s) for all single post
  • Select multiple widget areas on a per-page/per-post/per-custom post type basis from edit screens
  • Select multiple widget areas on a per custom post type archive page basis
  • Select multiple widget areas on a per category, tags and taxonomy basis
  • Replace primary/secondary sidebar by new sidebar
  • Display at specific area by selecting the hook and priority option
  • Have unique class name. So you can easily style your widget areas


Why buy my awesome plugin? Not only does it have extended features not available in other plugins, but we also have a dedicated support desk for registered buyers. Support is available at my Help Desk. Please use the email address provided at time of purchase to register for help.

Still you have any queries? Then contact me.

How to activate the license key?

Login to My Account page ( and copy the license key from “My License Key(s) Details” section. Now you’ll go to your Dashboard -> Settings -> GWG License Key page and activate the key. After activating the key, auto update feature will be activating.

Here some tutorials:

1. Creating Split Sidebars at Primary Sidebar in 5 minutes
2. Created 3 Columns Grid Layout for Blog Page in 5 minutes – Whitespace PRO theme
3. Content with right sidebar on Whitespace PRO theme
4. Adding top left and right widget area on Whitespace Pro Theme
5. Enabling/Disabling meta boxes of Genesis Widget Generator Plugin
6. Creating Header Middle Widget Area between Site Title and Header Right Widget Area
7. Creating Duplicate Footer Widget Areas
8. Adding multiple recipe index to foodie pro
9. Add the Ad at above and below the entry content

* Renewals discounted at 30%
REFUND POLICY: Offering a 15 day money back guarantee for Personal License if you are unhappy with my service. That’s a bold statement..

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C. Paul

Creating Genesis Framework related themes, plugins, articles and troubleshooting the issues. Also I am doing the freelance work for clients.

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16 Discussion to This Post

  1. sheri says

    Hi there, I just bought the genesis-widget-areas-generator-plugin/ and my paypal payment went through… what is the next step? Are you going to email me a key code and the zip file for he plugin?


    • C. Paul says

      Hi Sheri

      Thank you for purchasing this plugin. I checked that you already downloaded the plugin. My Dashboard is showing this.

      Sometimes mail is going to spam folder. You will check it. Also you can download the plugin from your “My Account” ( page.

      If you need any other assistance let me know.


  2. Hai says

    Is it working with none Genesis theme ?

    Can I have this as the add-on of Newspaper theme? :D, I’ve purchased it before


  3. Neil says

    Hi Chinmoy

    I am sorry but I can’t get this working.
    I am running the most recent versions of WordPress and Genesis and I have tried it on two different sites with four different Genesis themes (the default, the sample theme, Trestle and Minimum Pro). Each time I saved the options correctly and then tried the generated widgets in different positions/hooks. No luck. They don’t appear on screen or in the source code.
    Thanks for any help with this.

    • Genesis Developer says

      Hi Neil,

      Are you trying to add the widget areas on home page? Currently plugin is not supporting the home page.


      • Neil says

        Thanks Chinmoy, no I’ve tried several different pages on different sites. And I just tried it again on another Genesis install. No luck.

        • Genesis Developer says

          Are you assigned the widget areas from pages? if you did not assign then it will not come

          • Neil says

            That’s it!
            I did check that the widget was listed on each page in the Extra Widgets box – so it looked as if it was assigned – and even updated the pages a few times without success.
            My mistake was that I should have actually clicked to highlight the widget in the Extra Widgets box and then updated the page to make the widget appear.
            Thanks for your help Chinmoy.

      • Genesis Developer says

        I updated the plugin and now you can add the widgets on Home page only. New version have following extra features also:

        1. Create widget area for whole site
        2. Create widget area for Home page only
        3. Assign Widget area for all inner pages
        4. Change default sidebars (primary and secondary) on single page, single post, cpt archive, category, tax and taxonomy archive page.

        Also this plugin is not free now. You need to pay for this.


    • Genesis Developer says

      WooSidebars plugin is not following the Genesis Hooks. But my plugin is following all the Genesis Hooks. Using WooSidebars plugin you are just replacing the defaults primary/secondary sidebars for your inner pages. By this plugin you can show your widget area at any places (because it is supporting the GF’s Hooks).

      Here some other advantages:

      1. you do not need to create the front-page.php file for home page. Just create a static front page, assign the widget areas and publish it. Your home page is ready now.
      2. You can make full widgetized page for inner pages/posts/cpts also.

      and many more things you can do by this plugin.

  4. Genesis Developer says

    Now you can add the widgets on your CPT pages. You need to add a filter in your functions.php file. Here is the snippet:

    //* Adding the Widget Areas on Listing and Books Post type
    add_filter('gwg_support_post_types', 'add_cpts');
    function add_cpts( $post_types ){
      $cpts = array( 'listing', 'book'); // You will change it based on your CPT name
      return array_merge( $post_types, $cpts );
  5. Nir says

    Thanks Chinmoy,

    Great plugin !
    I have a suggestion based on a situation that I had:
    One of my client had several CPTs in his site and in each CPT he had many pages.
    He wanted to have the ability to set specific sidebar per CPT.
    Although, there was an option to set sidebar per page (using the genesis sidebars plugin), this was not feasible due to the number of pages in each CPT.
    I ended up writing the functionality for that in his theme’s functions but would love to see it implemented in a plugin.


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