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Starter Pro, A Genesis Starter Theme is created for all Genesis users. It is jammed with lot of cool features. Currently following features are inbuilt. See at below:

  • HTML5
  • Accessibility
  • 1-Click Update (From Dashboard)
  • Supporting Multisite Network
  • Enable/Disable Responsive Effect
  • Extra Theme Settings
  • Color Assets in Customizer
  • Import/Export Theme Settings
  • Full Width / Boxed Layout
  • Unregistered Genesis Layouts
  • Unregistered Primary/Secondary Sidebar
  • Inline Logo
  • Show Site Title & Tagline with Logo
  • Sticky Site Header
  • Sticky Primary/Secondary Menu
  • Fade In/Out Sticky menu
  • Move Primary/Secondary Navigation
  • Set Post/Page Specific Menu
  • Setup Fallback Image
  • Disable Blog Page Title
  • Enable Author Box on Pages
  • Enable/Disable After Entry
  • Horizontal Signup Form
  • Change Comment Title
  • Remove Website Field
  • Remove Comments Date/Time
  • Flexible Footer Widget Areas
  • bbPress Ready
  • WooCommerce Ready
  • Beaver Builder Ready
  • Template Loader
  • Widget Areas Generator
  • Select “H” Tag for Widget Title
  • Full Screen Overlay Search Form
  • Mobile Menu Widget
  • Related Posts
  • More will come

Color Assets in Customizer

Color Assets in Customizer
Color Assets in Customizer

By default color assets in customizer is disabled. You’ll enable it (Color Assets (in Customizer)) from Dashboard -> Starter Pro -> Theme Settings -> General Settings section. After enabling it, you will navigate to Appearance -> Customize page and get the “Color Assets” panel there. Right now it is covering the following areas:

  • Background Color
  • Global Colors (for body text, link, H1 tag, button etc)
  • Site Header
  • Site Navigation ( Primary/Secondary)
  • Site Inner Contents
  • Sidebars
  • Horizontal eNews Form
  • Footer Widgets
  • Site Footer




Can I create a fresh CSS file and disable the default one?
Yes. You can easily do it. There have a filter ‘child_theme_css’ which is locating it in functions.php. Now open the custom-functions.php and drop this single line which will disable the default “starter-pro.css” file.

add_filter( 'child_theme_css', '__return_null');

Afterthat you will created a fresh CSS file from scratch and enqueue it. Assume you created a “my-custom-style.css” file and put it in custom-starter/css folder. So write this code in custom-functions.php file:

//* Enqueue your custom css file
add_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', 'starter_my_custom_css_file', 99 );
function starter_my_custom_css_file() {  
  //* Loading custom style file
  wp_enqueue_style( 'custom-css', home_url() . '/wp-content/custom-starter/css/my-custom-style.css', array(), CHILD_THEME_VERSION ); 

** Remember: Don’t touch the main folder “starter-pro”. Otherwise you can’t update the theme and you will loss your all custom code.

Can I create a mobile first theme?
Yes. Follow the above process and disable the default CSS file. Now you will create a mobile first CSS file and enqueue it. That’s it.
Can I override the WordPress template file?
Doable. Just drop the template file like page.php, single-portfolio.php, category.php etc in custom-starter folder and theme will load them. Don’t need any extra setup for this.
Can I update this child theme from my Dashboard?
Yes. When I’ll release the new version, you’ll get the update message at your Dashboard. Just click on update button/link and theme will update in 1 minute.

Remember: Don’t touch the main folder “starter-pro”. Otherwise you will loss your all custom code.

Is this theme SASSIFIED?
No. Strater Pro Theme is not SASSIFIED. There have no .sass file right now. But developer can make a sassified skin for his/her client website using my Starter Pro theme.
Can I change the H4 tag with H2 or H3 tag of Sidebar Widget Title?
Yes. You can easily change the default H4 markup of Sidebar Widget Title from Theme Options Panel and do not need to write any code for it. This feature is inbuilt.
Is this theme supporting Flexible Footer Widgets feature?
Yes. You can easily change Footer Widgets number. If you choose “0” then footer widgets will be disable. Otherwise you can choose anything between 1 and 6.

Choose Your License

* Renewals discounted at 30%
REFUND POLICY: The Personal License is offered with a 15 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with my support service. It should be requested within 15 days of the purchase. That’s a bold statement…


------------ Version 2.4.3 [29-09-2016] ------------
* Fixed - Compatibility Issue

------------ Version 2.4.2 [17-06-2016] ------------
* Fixed - Extra Widget Areas and sidebars are not saving for Term page

------------ Version 2.4.1 [09-06-2016] ------------
* Fixed - Missing Header Left & Right Widget Areas at frontend

------------ Version 2.4 [06-06-2016] ------------
* Fixed - Mobile Menu Widget Title is not saving
* Tweaked - in Some Internal Functions
* Added - New Custom Control for Customizer

------------ Version 2.3 [09-05-2016] ------------
* Removed - Empty markup of Header top, left and right widget areas
* Tweaked - On Multisite Logic for Skins

------------ Version 2.2 [18-04-2016] ------------
* Re-positioned - Overlay Search Form

------------ Version 2.1 [12-04-2016] ------------
* Fixed - One Small PHP Bug
* Updated - Font Awesome CSS
* Updated - Ion Icons CSS and Fonts file

------------ Version 2.0 [02-04-2016] ------------
* Added - Supporting Multisite Network
* Added - Color Assets Panel in Customizer

------------ Version 1.5.3 [24-03-2016]  ------------
* Fixed - PHP Notices

------------ Version 1.5.2 [21-03-2016]  ------------
* Fixed - Featured Image (Single Post/Page)

------------ Version 1.5.1 [20-03-2016]  ------------
* Removed - Permalink from Featured Image (Single Post/Page)
* Added - Separated License Key Section from Theme Settings Page

------------ Version 1.5 [10-03-2016]  ------------
* Fixed - Term Meta logic of Widget Areas Generator Module
* Fixed - L10n of "Menu" Text (Mobile device only)
* Added - New Feature: Show Site Title & Tagline with logo

------------ Version 1.4 [03-03-2016]  ------------
* Changed - Template Hierarchy Logic
* Removed - Template Loader Module

------------ Version 1.3 [26-02-2016]  ------------
* Added - Select Featured Image Size for Related Posts
* Added - Shortcodes for accordion, column classes, box
* Added - Hide Blog Title Checkbox

------------ Version 1.2 [15-02-2016]  ------------
* Added - More Control about H1 tag for static front page

------------ Version 1.1 [10-02-2016]  ------------
* Fixed - Conflicting Issue with Beaver Builder Lite Version Module

------------ Version 1.0 [06-02-2016]  ------------
Initial Release

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10 Discussion to This Post

  1. Tobias says

    This theme is really great!
    Options for having image logo, title and description at the same time would be perfect.
    Any ideas when it will be released?

  2. Mark says

    Any thought on making mobile hamburger icon placeable with shortcode? More than few clients like a simple icon in top corner of phone.

    • Genesis Developer says

      This is a good point. I am adding this in my notebook. I already created a widget for Mobile menu. So you can easily place it beside the telephone no., social icons or search form. Checkout the Starter Pro – Default Design. There have a “sliding menu” link at right side of the header bar. Click on it and see the effect.


  3. Mark says

    Very nice starter theme. Pricing is spot on.

    Question is the copyright info in sub footer built into theme or using Simple Edits plugin?

    • Genesis Developer says

      Hi Mark

      Thank you for loving this theme.

      Copyright info, Post info & meta etc are in-built. So user can avoid the Simple Edits plugin. Also I shall create some in-built features and user can easily avoid the plugin for those features.

      Also I am giving a quick note. I integrated the widget generator class. For this reason home.php or front-page.php file is not require. User can easily create a widgetized home page from Dashboard. But need some CSS tweak for professional and unique design.



    • Genesis Developer says


      Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it. It will be there.


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