[Genesis Portfolio Pro] How to change the portfolio post type slug?

In lib/post-types-and-taxonomies.php file you will get this line: ‘rewrite’ => array( ‘slug’ => _x( ‘portfolio’, ‘portfolio slug’ , ‘genesis-portfolio-pro’ ), ‘with_front’ => false ), There have no filter for it. Still you can alter the portfolio slug without modify the plugin’s file. See the steps below: Step 1: Add the following php scripts in your… Keep Reading about [Genesis Portfolio Pro] How to change the portfolio post type slug?

Filter by Alphabets

Filter by Alphabets (FBA), A WordPress Plugin is filtering the content by selected alphabet. Without Genesis Framework this plugin will not work. It is accepting the custom post type also. See the features at below: Features: Select Grid Style Choose the Post Type Select Category/Taxonomy Include/Exclude Terms Exclude Posts/CPTs Number of Posts per Page Enable/Disable… Keep Reading about Filter by Alphabets

Genesis Simple Filter Plugin

Introducing the Genesis Simple Filter (GSF) Plugin. If you want to create a simple to use filtering system for your site content to engage your users and make it easy for them to find specific content then you’ll love using the Genesis Simple Filter (GSF) plugin is a good one. It accepts multiple CPTs, but… Keep Reading about Genesis Simple Filter Plugin

Genesis Filter Everything Deluxe Combo

Introducing the Genesis Filter Everything Deluxe Combo (GFEDC) Plugin Pack GFEDC is an easy to use customizable facet search style filtering plugin for Post types created specifically for the Genesis Framework/Themes. It is very simple, handy and lightweight plugin. You can filter your posts, recipes, listings, portfolio, gallery etc. content by Category or Taxonomy (where… Keep Reading about Genesis Filter Everything Deluxe Combo

Genesis Featured Posts Combo

Genesis Featured Posts Combo (GFPC) is a flexible Genesis Featured Posts plugin which has a ton of extra features. Just install and activate the plugin and the “Genesis Featured Posts Combo widget” will appear on your widget page (Appearance > Widgets). Drag & drop the “Genesis Featured Posts Combo” widget into your theme’s widget area and organize your sites post/page/custom post type content in a simple and easy way.